Flame Retardant HF-231S【halogen free】

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HF-231S is an ultra-fine product prepared by WDJ company using exclusive technology, with polymerization degree of more than 1000, small particle size and uniform distribution, insoluble in water and organic solvents, low moisture absorption, fire retardant mechanism is mainly solidification phase flame retardant mechanism, flame retardant and smoke suppression effect.


1, halogen free environmental protection flame retardant

2, low water solubility, water solution viscosity is very low, low acid value

3, good thermal stability, migration resistance, resistance to precipitation

4, particle size is very small, especially suitable for the occasion of high particle size requirements, such as high-end fireproof coating, textile coating, polyurethane foam, sealant, etc.;

5, can be biodegradable into phosphorus, nitrogen compounds


This product can be used in fire retardant coatings, textiles, sealant, epoxy resin, rubber and plastic products (PP, PE, PVC), wood, polyurethane foam and other fields, especially recommended for use in sealant, textile coating and other products industry.

HF-213S is the product without surface treatment or modification. If there are special requirements, the corresponding modified product can be selected

technical index UNIT standard values Detection type
appearance ------ white powder
phosphorus content %(w/w) ≥30
nitrogen content %(w/w) ≥14
average degree
of polymerization
------ ≥1000
moisture %(w/w) <0.5
solubility g/100ml WATER,25℃ <0.7
pH value (10%
water suspension, 25℃)
------ 5.5-7.5
 Viscosity (10%
 water suspension, 25℃)
mPa·s <10
particle size μm D50,9-12
whiteness ------ ≥85
thermal decomposition temperature T99%≥240
color stain ------ Grade A (High)
specific conductance μs/cm ≤2000
acid number mg KOH/g ≤1.0
bulk density g/cm3 0.6-0.8
Toxicity and
environmental hazards
------ not detected


1. The test items marked □ in the test type shall be tested regularly to ensure that the product meets the standard value.


2. The test project data marked in the test type is used for product description, not as a regular test project, as a sampling inspection project

Packing and storage

20KG per bag; Transport as general chemicals, avoid direct sunlight, store in a dry and cool place, best

Use up within 1 year;

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