Hydrotalcite FM300

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Hydrotalcite FM300 is a kind of layered inorganic material, it is non-toxic, harmless, does not contain heavy metals, is an environmental protection acid absorption agent, flame retardant, heat stabilizer, has been widely used in developed countries, Jingjiang Kanggao Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for 8 years joint research. Now the production of hydrotalcite technology has been mature, market share reached 80%, compared with similar products to extend the stability time of more than 60 minutes.

  • Hydrotalcite FM300 physical properties

    Name: Hydrotalcite

Molecular weight: 604.02

Hydrotalcite FM300 Properties:

White powder, tasteless, non-toxic, non-flammable, 250℃ began to decompose. Water is insoluble but acid is soluble.


1. With other heat stabilizer, such as organic tin, or zinc salt as heat stabilizer, can further improve the thermal stability of PVC.

2. Can improve the flame retardant of PVC, inhibit the smoke when PVC burning, can also be used for all kinds of rubber, such as EPDM, NBR, etc., not only has good flame retardant, but also has reinforcing effect.

3. Use together with other auxiliaries to improve the light stability and weather resistance of PVC.

4. Promote the selective absorption of infrared light (wavelength 4.2μm) of PVC agricultural film, improve the thermal insulation property of agricultural film.

  • 5. It can improve the anti-fog droplet performance of agricultural film.

    Product index

    Fineness: 500 mesh

    PH value: 10

    Moisture content: ≤2%


    Flame retardant sheath for wires and cables, flame retardant accessories for automobiles and electrical appliances, mine air ducts, anti-static anti-friction floors for factories and trains, flame retardant plastic steel doors and Windows, fire retardant coatings, thermal insulation agricultural film, infrared absorbent materials, etc

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