【TBBPA】Tetrabromobisphenol A bis(dibromomethylpropy ether)

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Tetrabromobisphenol A bis(dibromomethylpropy ether)

CAS number:9741684-7

Molecular formula:C23H24Br8O2 

Molecular weight:971.7

Structural formula:

【TBBPA】Tetrabromobisphenol A bis(dibromomethylpropy ether)

Product description: external wall insulation flame retardant,replacing hexabromocyclododecane, the product quality is stable, the product has high flame retardant efficiency, minimal dosage can achieve excellent flame retardant effect, no need to add other auxiliary flame retardant; Meet environmental protection requirements; Compared with traditional flame retardants, it has a lower adding cost. Mainly used for XPS extruded board, EPS foaming application flame retardant effect is obvious.

Product features: white powder, insoluble in water, easily soluble in styrene, methanol and so on.

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【TBBPA】Tetrabromobisphenol A bis(dibromomethylpropy ether)

  • Packaging: Plastic PE paper bag 25kg/ bag Store in a cool and dry place

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