Custom PVC Additive Solutions

We can based on your PVC plastics, give you suitable advice of PVC additives.
Whatever PVC plastic products you produce , inluding soft, hard, semi-soft PVC, and what production processes you used, such as extrusion, injection,calendering, blow molding, whether you are using a single-screw machine, or twin-screw machine. All of PVC additives, you can customize to us.
Because we concentrate all the best PVC additive manufacturers in China, we can provide a complete range of PVC additives.

Technical Supports Solutions

Whether you use our PVC additive or not, We always give you technical supports solutions.
We cooperate with many universities and research institutes in China, and get the strong support of many excellent chemicals, plastics experts. So we establish excellent technical support service term.
Before you buy our PVC additive, we can give you detailed product descriptions. inluding specifications, applications.Even if you know nothing about PVC industry before, we will help you quickly become familiar with these products.
Once you begain to use our products, we will tell you, how to used them,What is the need of attention, and we will help you find the problem will appear in Production processing, help you analyze the causes of these problems, and give you solve solutions. After you can use our product properly, at same tie,the production also has stabilized, we will teach you how to optimize your production processes, optimize your manufacturing formulation, reasonable to reduce costs, ensure product quality

Transaction Solutions

Guarantee good quality,competitive prices, quichly delivery time, accept a variety of payment methods and trading methods.
At first, We integrate many excellent PVC additive manufacturers In China.
so we alwasy assure the quality of goods well and stability,and the price also is best price.
Then We have built up a wealth of logistics network in China to ensure the smooth flow of goods. Then we have our own warehouse in China's major shipping port,all these we can ensure delivery time.
We can accept variety of payments, such as TT,T/T,LC,LC60,LC90,DA,DP. So you can have more choice.
All we can do is to help you reduce your cost, inluding purchasing time purchase cost, bank's cost, and the cost of capital. All the money saved blong to yourself.

The PVC Additive Series We Can Supply Including:

1.Flame retardants
2.PVC stabilizers
3.Metallic stearate
5.PVC lubricants
6.Impact modifier
7.Chemical foaming agent
9.UV absorbers
11.Optical brighter